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About us

Welcome to Over the Rainbow UK.

I’m Emma, and this is my small business ran solely by myself, in the small seaside town of Weston-Super-Mare.

Over the rainbow has been in the making for a while and the meaning behind the name is of a very personal reason to me. It is dedicated to my 4 children: Oliver- my angel baby who passed away during birth, and my three rainbow babies: Jaxson, Harlee-Rose & Olivia Sophia.

I began my business with the hope to help like minded parents to be able to find comfortable but stylish clothing for their little ones, whilst being able to trust the quality of the product and where it has been sourced from. 

As a parent i often find myself struggling when looking for something different to what I usually find on the high street; whether it be clothing, gifts or accessories. So after many months of researching and testing products from different trusted suppliers, from countries all over the world; I began to put together a selection that I could offer to fellow parents like myself.

Having taken the time to personally source each and every item and then testing out their quality with my own little one; I hope you can trust that everything in my range is only the best for your baby.

You’re welcome to email me or post to either of my social media sites with any feedback you have, it will be greatly appreciated.

You can also leave a review for each individual item you have purchased here on the site. Just head to the product and scroll to the bottom of the page to leave a review.

If there is anything you are unhappy about please message me direct and I will do my best to resolve the issue.

I hope you find something that you will fall in love with, just like I have!

Best wishes,

Emma x